Prenatal & Birth Therapy

This is a therapeutic process developed by Dr. Ray Castellino collaborating with William Emerson & Franklyn Sills. The work is based on Ray’s 30 years experience as a natural health care practitioner, consultant and teacher; helping babies, children and adults heal their prenatal & birth traumas. In addition to this, the process has the principal impact of encouraging loving bonding within primary relationships. It is a process that anyone of any age can experience. By using subtle energy awareness, empathy and incorporating craniosacral techniques, the therapist helps find the unexpressed or unrecognised movement patterns and emotions. Mirroring and reflecting these back, this inspires the inherent wisdom in each of us to heal and resolve the trapped energy from these traumas. This proactive treatment can help heal the pain before it manifests itself in present day functioning and so prevent full expression of our potential.